Idea, thoughts and person behind

Idea, thoughts and person behind Bornholms Sommerfuglepark

Idea and thoughts behind

Bornholm Butterfly Park & Tropical Park is still under development and we continue to work against … target from 1997, to establish an exciting place for natives and tourists with a total experience, which consists of:

An experience of the tropical heat with all the colors, birds and especially the large colorful butterflies. Simultaneously, the arrangement of the house with lakes, waterfalls and large plants produce the impression of being surrounded by nature.

In the specially landscaped park, many of the Danish butterflies being assembled and could be experienced. This is made possible by closely match the composition of nectar and host plants for as many of these residents butterflies. Outdoor areas must seem like a big flower and garden with tables and benches, so ice cream, coffee and food can be enjoyed in beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the tropical house established a cozy cafe with a well-stocked kiosk. This is the opportunity to purchase items that visitors may have gained interest during the visit to the Tropical House – eg. cards and posters as well as butterflies, which have been proofed and posted on the board with your name and country of origin.

Guests will experience something real, unspoiled and magnificent, and the entire plant is operated without the use of chemicals. – Butterflies are free-flying, and no animals should be caged.

When the site is fully established, there must be offered partial education. – It must accordingly be possible to use the place as a form of research carried on ecology and biology, as you have here a unique opportunity to follow that piece of nature, which necessarily must be in balance. Classrooms will be located on site.

The place to be seen as an extra offer for tourists and natives. We have here an opportunity to see something beautiful and exciting, and simultaneously you will get a great insight into nature, and how necessary it is to treat the soil properly, if we are to survive in the longer term.

Guests will experience the butterfly’s amazing lifecycle with egg, larval stage, pupa and butterfly – a transformation that ends with a colorful butterfly.

Person behind

Owner of the company, Flemming Jensen