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Sommerfugleparken – the hottest experience on Bornholm

Temperature is about 27 degrees and the humidity is high, no matter what the weather forecast says

In the big tropical butterfly house is a variety of sounds, smells and colors – produced by exotic flowers, plants, birds and especially of the more than 1000 colorful butterflies flying freely among the guests.

Together with lakes and streams, it gives you an experience of being in the middle of the tropics. A unique chance to get close to the butterflies.

Each butterfly has its own host plant. If you look carefully, you will find pupae in plant leaves – often well camouflaged. You can also witness the butterflies mating, and on the plants you can clearly see the egg that has just been set and the developed larvae.

Parrots and other tropical birds areflying from plant to plant, and quails goes around and cleans the ground for ants and snails. Japanese Koi carp inhabit lakes and streams. The hard-working leafcutter ants render back and forth with large pieces of leaves to the anthill. The turtles takes it easy – just like they do best…

In the tropical house you will also find a waterfall which sends water into a lake with tropical fish. The lake has a large panoramic window, which allows you to follow and get more knowledge about fish feeding and living conditions. Most of our tropical fish are predatory fish, including our piranhas.

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The park and ‘Morbærhuset’


Discover the Danish butterflies that come to drink the nectar of carefully selected plants in the Butterfly Park beautifully landscaped garden. Here is also a natural playground.


Rabbit pat-area, next to the bird house, allows for the completely close contact with a familiar but always popular rodent.


In the greenhouse with mulberry trees you can see silk larvae eat up big on mulberry leaves before it spins fine silk cocoon, which consists of approximately 3 km silk thread. A fine and informative exhibition tells about Chinese silk butterflies.

You can enjoy your own food and drink both in the park and in ‘Morbærhuset’.

Food & Beverage – Café ‘Puppen’

Café Puppen
Café Puppen

In the café of the Tropical House you can buy fresh sandwiches, cakes, drinks and ice cream and eat under the vines.

You’ll also find local delicacies as well as postcards, posters and other butterflies souvenirs in the café.

Diversity and responsibility

The many species of butterflies, ants, fish, birds and plants both inside and outside is a beautiful expression of nature’s diversity and adaptability. As a guest, you gain insight into the natural ecological contexts and the need to act responsibly.

Everything in Sommerfugleparken is operated with care for nature – without the use of chemicals but with biological control.

Sommerfugleparken takes social responsibility. In 2014, we have partnered with the social economic firm Grennessminde Bornholm, working with young people with special needs. Pupils from here include helping to cultivate the thousands of flowers.


  • The biggest attraction in Denmark, dedicated to butterflies
  • Only one in Scandinavia showing the life cycle of at least 15 species
  • Over 30 butterfly species – 1,000 free-flying butterflies
  • The tropical butterfly house is 900 m2
  • More than 30,000 visitors annually

More about Sommerfugleparken

The many butterflies are a beautiful expression of nature’s diversity and adaptability of animal species.

It can often be difficult to put the ecological contexts and rules into practice, but the visitors can here observe how every butterfly has its own host plant. – You can get a sense of what happens when we have big areas of monocultures, and when gardeners use biological control. – You will get a feeling of nature’s delicate ‘mechanics’ when predators are selected to adapt the special ‘vermin’ that in a given situation can threaten the gardener plants.

Sommerfugleparken offers visitors a unique chance to get up close of tropical butterflies which literally flap around the noses of the guests. There is the opportunity to experience the butterflies mating, and see the eggs on plants that have just been set and the developed larvae. If you look closely, you pupae found under plant leaves, very well camouflaged


In a glass cage, it is possible to follow the development from the start as a cocoon until it finally unfolds as a beautiful butterfly

A butterfly’s life is short, and you encounter maybe a dead butterfly on the road through the park.

Some butterflies live only 8 days which primarily are used to ensure the next generation.

The many butterflies are a beautiful expression of nature’s diversity and adaptability of animal species.

In addition to the variety of butterflies in the tropical house, you can see quail that cleans the ground for ants and snails, see Japanese Koi carps in the tropical country’s lakes and streams, and discover the various parrots, parakeets and other birds flying around or hiding in the treetops



In the Tropical House you will also find our tropical fish lake.





In the tropical house

Here you can read about some of the different butterflies can be found in Bornholm Butterfly Park’s Tropical House. Click on the butterfly to see pictures and read about them:

In the park

In Bornholms Sommerfuglepark, many of the Danish butterflies are assembled and could be experienced. This is made possible by closely aligning the composition of nectar and host plants for the highest number of these residents butterflies. Here you can read about some of the different butterflies you might find in the specially landscaped park, depending on the season. Click on the butterfly to see pictures and read about them: